How Does It Feel to Travel Alone?

It used to be that traveling alone was something that only brave people did. There were only men and women that had to take their own risks and walk a lonely road. But, as the world has changed, that perception has changed. People who used to live by themselves are now taking the initiative to travel. They realize that having someone to share the experience to make it more fun, freer and, in some cases, can make the trip a little easier (because you won’t dread the alone time).

I remember the first time that I traveled alone. I was traveling with my boyfriend from California to England. We had never traveled alone before and, at first, I was a little nervous about it. I wondered if I was being serious when I told people that I was going to be alone during the entire trip.

The first few days were probably the worst part of my solo adventure. I felt like I was going to die and when that happens, it’s usually because you’re about to have an accident. My nerves took control and it became hard for me to focus on anything else other than the feeling of impending doom. It’s hard enough to be a solo traveler, let alone a solo traveler with anxiety issues! Luckily, my boyfriend had come with me and he made things a little bit easier.

Over the next several days, my anxiety seemed to die down. I enjoyed my time off. I had my boyfriend with me and we enjoyed each other’s company. But, like I said, things got better. I was able to overcome my fears and I got to enjoy my solo vacation.

While some people would say that solo travel is not something enjoyable, I beg to differ. This was my first experience alone and it was a very memorable one. I learned a lot from this solo experience. I gained perspective by having to plan and prepare for my trip. I gained confidence knowing I was equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle any situation that may arise.

The next thing I realized after my solo adventure was how important travel is for solo travelers. Just like all people, we need to go out and have experiences in order to grow. If you don’t know anyone who can give you advice or share travel experiences, then solo travelers are your best bet. Traveling is an avenue for self-discovery. By visiting new places, experiencing new cultures and interacting with new people, you can expand your perspective.

Lastly, while I had my wonderful experience solo, I have also met other solo travelers who shared valuable information about their solo journeys. Through these experiences, I learned some things I would not have known without my partner. It’s amazing how much valuable information sharing solo travelers can provide.

So, now that you’ve completed reading this article, you can answer the question, “How does it feel to travel alone?” You can find solace, confidence and a great group of travel companions by choosing to travel alone. You will be amazed at how much growth and insight you can gain from sharing your experience. Now, go on and experience your own solo adventures.

When I started out traveling alone, my first thought was to book a solo traveler package. These packages are perfect for those who know next to nothing about traveling. However, it is important to realize that these solo traveler packages are NOT intended for the complete novice traveler. These are simply options if you want to cut down on the planning required to plan a successful solo journey.

Another option for solo travelers is connecting with local groups in your area. Many people who are traveling alone often end up reconnecting with their own groups after their travels. Local groups are especially helpful because they are usually made up of frequent travelers just like yourself who want to help you make your next adventure one to remember. These groups will also help you with any problems or questions you may have regarding traveling, accommodations, local culture or anything else that could have an impact on your next trip.

It is OK to consider how it feels to travel alone. It is not bad or anything less than “home” after all! There is no need to give up all your friends and family in order to go alone. If you plan your travel wisely, you will be able to combine many of your interests into one adventure, leaving you with a greater appreciation for traveling. So, while you’re figuring out how does it feel to travel alone, remember to add some of your own interests to the mix.

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